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Volume hiring

Volume hiring such as campus recruitments or walk-in drives, etc. traditionally require large teams and high costs.

Dealing with a large number of candidates in an offline setup comes with a lot of hassle and requires long time periods for producing the final result. In such a setup, losing objectivity and right judgment becomes very easy, thus leading to improper hiring results.

COGBEE, as a strong hiring solution, eliminates the need for large teams for volume hiring. It's powerful automated assessment delivery and evaluation mechanisms are simple and automated enough for you to scale up the hiring process without deploying additional resources.

Automation of the assessment processes saves plenty of time while handling a large number of applicants, whilst maintaining objectivity in judgement.

The scientifically created assessment tests and coding challenges make the screening of candidates effortless and produce a rich talent pool.

The sourcing of quality candidates for different job roles in bulk, becomes simpler with COGBEE's Customizable, scientifically developed skill-based question banks.

Additionally, thousands of candidates can be managed well due to the virtual nature of this platform.

COGBEE proves to be a boon for faster volume hiring at low cost with higher efficiency and accuracy.

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