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Technical hiring

A traditional hiring process consisting of telephonic & in-person interviews runs the risk of subjective bias and guesswork, especially for technical roles. Therefore, technical hiring predominantly relies on scientific tests and application based assessments to gauge the technical expertise of the candidates.

Conducting these assessments offline has been the generally accepted practice until now but it has never been a very scalable or cost-effective proposition.

COGBEE tackles and eliminates these challenges by providing a virtual & cost-effective platform for hiring the right technical talent.

Customizable coding challenges, MCQ, and other technical assessments accompanied by live & one-way interviews help the selection of truly qualified candidates in an unbiased manner.

Additionally, the automated assessment delivery and evaluation mechanisms help scale the hiring process without the requirement of a large man power or huge costs.

COGBEE is the cost-effective, scientific, scalable & objective hiring solution that checks all the boxes when it comes to technical hiring.

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