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Contract staffing

The quality of candidate submissions is of utmost importance in the case of contract staffing or recruiting firms or employment agencies. Since their business revenue depends on how many candidates are placed successfully, the quality of candidate submissions cannot be compromised in any way.

The creation of a better quality pool becomes of utmost importance, resulting in higher successful placement rates, leading to greater revenues.

COGBEE ensures that you go beyond providing just resumes to your clients. The scores of a scientific assessment along with the resumes takes the hiring process a notch higher.

Skill based or technical tests like coding challenges combined with video assessment can be used to create a strong impression on the companies that are looking to hire. This multiplies the chances of getting the candidates shortlisted.

These assessments also help the agency understand the skill set and readiness of their clients, helping them place the candidates in the right firms at the right time. This leads to higher client & recruiter satisfaction rate, increasing the market value of the hiring agency.

By virtualizing all these processes the agencies save costs and can scale up the producers with ease. COGBEE, hence, proves to be a powerful tool for employment or contract staffing agencies.

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