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What is COGBEE? And what features does it include?

COGBEE is a comprehensive virtual interviewing platform, featuring the two most important pillars of the recruitment process – screening and interviewing. Our mission is to help recruiting teams hire better and faster by reducing human intervention from the recruiting process as much as possible without compromising on the quality of hires.

Key features include

  • On-Demand Interviewing
  • Live Video Interviewing
  • Code challenges & Customizable skill based tests
  • Remote proctoring
How does COGBEE improve my hiring process?

COGBEE can work in 3 different styles for your business.

  • AI based Pre-screening assessment which also allows you to offer a coding challenges & several in demand skill based tests
  • One-way (Asynchronous) on-demand video interview
  • Live interview

You can choose from any combination here that improves your hiring process.

The AI based Pre-screening solution gives you detailed insights based on our most advanced remote proctoring tool, helping you expedite your recruitment pipeline. And our live video interview process not only curtails your costs but also increases your demographic visibility to recruit candidates from geographically distinct locations.

If you have a hiring team, large or small, you can even add them to your account to collaborate with the interview process. COGBEE is designed keeping in mind the ease of use and completing the hiring process faster.

What is remote proctoring and how does it work?

Remote Proctoring is our AI-driven feature that gives you a detailed report of any cheating attempts by the candidate during online text assessments, coding assessments, or on-on-demand video interviews. Since these assessments are not monitored by any human being, online proctoring to ensures the veracity & legitimacy of all the assessments and evaluation.

How frequently does COGBEE skill library get updated?

At COGBEE, we continuously update our skill libraries in order to keep them relevant.

Are candidates comfortable with a video interview? What benefits does the candidate experience?

YES! A survey here proves that the candidates prefer video interviews more when compared to the traditional interview methods.

Video interviews reduce the cost and stress associated with conventional interviewing methods. They are convenient, time saving, and give candidates the liberty to perform their actual best with re-attempts, if you allow. These factors act in the benefit of the candidates.

Are there any other special services offered by COGBEE?

COGBEE also offers interview tech panels. We call them “Interview exchange”, where COGBEE’s team schedules interviews of your candidates with our expert tech panel members. You source candidates and the rest is on us! We interview candidates and provide detailed feedback along-with interview video recordings to you.

Where do the one-way interview videos get stored? How robust is your data storage infrastructure? How secure would my data be?

The interviews are stored on our servers in a safe and secured multi-layered security architecture. Both data in transit data and data at rest are encrypted. Our data center is protected with firewalls.

Our storage server consists of Ultra-high-speed SSDs with redundancy configuration. In addition to this, we have an automatic data backup and recovery process which takes daily backup and keeps your data safe.

What coding languages does this platform support for the assessment?

COGBEE supports 40 + coding languages which you can present as challenges. We also provide an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) where you can actually test their success and functionality.

Do you have role-based user access control?

Yes, we have user-based access control. COGBEE is built to be enterprise-ready and as such has the option to assign features and modules depending on each recruiter’s requirement. The super admin can control the access level for each recruiter within the organization.

Would you provide additional customization as per our requirements?

No, we do not encourage customizations. We have designed COGBEE keeping minutest details in mind. However, if your feature request is genuine, we would rather add it as a feature in our product.

Are you GDPR compliant?

No, but we will be GDPR compliant very soon.

If I cancel my subscription what happens to my data?

We would not like you to part ways with us. However if it happens, we will help you back up your all data. Once you get the backup, we will remove your data from our servers.

Do you provide product training?

Yes, COGBEE’s customer success team will conduct a proper training session for you and your team. In case any topic needs a refresher, you can book a session with your dedicated customer success manager and your training needs will be taken care of.

How to reach customer care in case of further queries?

Call on xxxxxxxxxx or send an email to xxxxxx@cogbee.io. You can also get in touch with your dedicated customer success manager for immediate assistance.

Do you have a free trial option?

Yes, COGBEE offers a limited period free trial with a few data restrictions. Once you contact us at xxxxxx, we will be able to activate your free trial.

Do you have monthly or annual billing?

We offer both types of billing, monthly as well as annual.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept: Cash, GPAY, CC, Cheque, Wire Transfer, PayPal - TBD.

Do you have an automatic or manual renewal process?

Currently, the renewal process is manual; however, we will be releasing automated renewal soon, allowing our customers to renew, and customize packages as a self-service.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you can change your plan anytime. In case you are upgrading features or changing from a monthly plan to an annual one, we will charge you on a pro-rata basis.

What are your cancellation policies?

We allow you to cancel your subscription anytime. Once canceled, you will be able to continue using your services till the end of the term date. Further, we will maintain your data for 1 week after your term end date. Once the 1 week period is over, your data will be permanently erased from our systems and servers. In case you qualify for any refund, we will be able to process that to the original source of funds.

Can I reactivate my account after canceling my subscription?

Yes, you can reactivate your account within 1 week of your successful cancellation and can have your data and your information intact. In case the reactivation is done after the hold period of 1 week, you will have to set up, and configure everything as a new account with COGBEE.

What is position management?

Position Management is for recruiters to manage different job positions and the hiring steps involved for those positions within the organization they are hiring for. Since job positions are different for different organizations, the flexibility to customize these positions and the corresponding evaluation and interviewing steps is one of the most important attributes of an online assessment and interviewing platform.

Does COGBEE help organizations in sourcing candidates?

No, COGBEE is not a sourcing agency.

COGBEE is a tool that helps you pre-screen, and assess candidates using assessments, asynchronous interviews, and live interviews. COGBEE’s AI-driven features can suggest recommended candidates.

How accessible is your support?

We have a dedicated support team. The typical response time is 2 hours.

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